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DSNY Marine Transfer Stations

We help DSNY Workers Injured at MTS Facilities

Injured while working at a Marine Transfer Station? Please call us…We can help!

The DSNY now has 5 Marine Transfer Stations (MTS). These are facilities where thousands of tons of refuse are loaded onto barges for export out of the NYC area. The DSNY started operations at two new MTS locations in the past 13 months: The Southwest Brooklyn MTS opened in October of 2018 and the East 91st Street MTS opened in March of 2019. These facilities have benefits for NYC residents (such as reducing a lot of truck traffic related to the export of materials). However, any time that much material is being processed in a location, there is also risk for the DSNY workers charged with getting the job done.

Some of the risks for DSNY personnel working at MTS facilities include:
1) Injuries incurred while working on the Tamper
2) Accidents while working on the Shuttle Cars
3) Falls and accidents while working on the catwalks of the shuttle cars
4) A wide variety of Trip & Fall hazards
5) Other Slip & Fall hazards

Our office has unparalleled experience helping DSNY workers who have been injured on the job, including any injuries sustained at MTS facilities. Please Contact Me, if you have been injured on the job at an MTS and need legal advice or help.

91st Street MTS

Tamper at an MTS Facility