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Sanitation Workers Reach Deal With NYC

To help save NYC money during Covid-19 Pandemic, NYC Sanitation Workers Have Struck a Deal

Sanitation Workers Help NYC to Save $27 Million Amid Coronavirus Budget Crunch

A recent article featured on the local news website “Patch.com” explains that The Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association agreed to defer receipt of retroactive pay to help the city save money amid the coronavirus-driven budget crunch.  The article explains that NYC Sanitation Workers will be deferring receipt of retroactive pay, but NYC also committed to no layoffs (see details below).

Here are more highlights from the article: 

“City officials struck another detail with an employee union to help forestall layoffs from a coronavirus-related budget crunch.

Teamsters Local 831, the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association, agreed to defer $27 million in retroactive pay until the 2022 fiscal year, according to a release.

The deal — and previous ones with municipal employee unions — brought the city’s total labor savings to $722 million, the release states. The savings is necessary as the city awaits a potential federal stimulus….”

“The union deal also includes an agreement to defer four months of retiree welfare fund contributions until November 2021, as well as a lump sum payment to the union’s annuity fund until December 2021.

And city sanitation workers also got a no-layoff pledge out of the city, according to a release. There won’t be layoffs through June 30, 2021, or June 30, 2022 if the city receives $5 billion or more in state or federal aid…”

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